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What to expect?
During our session some of the things we will tackle include:

The importance of setting goals and what and what you are trying to achieve

Knowing your REAL challenges and how they are holding you back

An in-depth look at transformation and creating a permanent outcome

A clear and concise plan that "works" with any fitness goal; guaranteed!
Real People... REAL RESULTS!

1) Shown are REAL clients with their REAL transformations. We would never showcase people that have not actually worked with us

2) Are their results typical? What they all had in common was a definitive goal and a strong reason why. Success is NOT easy, and they consistently worked hard and applied themselves daily

3) Can you achieve results like these? Honestly, I don't know. But one thing I do know is that there is only one way to find out, and that is to take the first step

Listen to what Pete has to say:
"It seems impossible to imagine when it's all written down but we did it and I am so grateful for his skill and expertise. I've had the whole PE team behind me"
Glenda Presutti
"I've been playing around for the last couple of years in and out of gyms but just wasn't too encouraged with my results. I'm too busy to waste any more time being uneducated which is why I joined!”
Rick Leeworthy
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